Tadano GR-350XL

Tadano GR-350XL
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Capacity (US ton) 35
Boom (ft) 101.7
Jib (ft) 42
Engine Cummins
Winch 2



Max Lifting Capacity - 35 Tons
Max Lift Height - 145'
Boom Length - 31.8' to 101.7'
Number of Axles - 2
Jib Length - 23.6' to 42'
Gross Vehicle Weight - 60,830 lbs.
Length - 442.7"
Width - 106.5"
Height - 139.2"

GR-350XL Features

Under the HELLO-NET System, Tadano supports crane management via the Internet, providing information about operational status, position and maintenance. HELLO-NET Owner Sites enable sharing of machine data between Tadano and the machine owners, for advanced customer support. Information available includes; work history, machine position data, and maintenance information.

Asymmetrical Outrigger Set-up
When operating a crane with the asymmetrical outriggers extended, the AML-C detects the extension width of all the crane's outriggers (front, rear, left, and right) to measure maximum work capacity in each area.

Reducing Fuel Consumption
Tadano aims to reduce fuel consumption with two newly developed technologies; the Eco Mode system and the Positive Control system. The Eco Mode system reduces fuel consumption by 40% when the crane is being operated, and the Positive Control system reduces fuel consumption by 60% when the crane is in standby.